Beaches and pools are starting opening up, and it’s time to crochet some beachwear!

This cute, floppy summer hat is simple to make and you can make it for infants, children, and adults!

You will need a measuring tape so you can size your hat. Let’s look at what else you’ll need:

Yarn: Medium, Worsted Cotton Yarn (Use a stiff cotton yarn for best results.)

Hook: 6 mm 

Additional materials: Tape measure, scissors, stitch marker, and yarn needle. 

This pattern makes a bespoke hat that fits you. You will need to take the following measurement to complete this pattern:

Head Circumference: Using a measuring tape, wrap the tape around your head, just above the brows. 


CH – Chain             SC – Single Crochet               ESC – Extended Single Crochet 

FPESC – Front Post Extended Single Crochet 

Purchase the ad-free, PDF pattern! It includes stitch descriptions for the abbreviated stitches, photos, notes, and tips! You’ll also receive the PDF pattern for the Geraniums to brighten up your summer chapeau.


Begin with a magic circle. SC 8 stitches into the center of the circle. Slip stitch into the first SC of the round, then tighten the magic circle to close it. 

Round 1: CH 1, and place a stitch marker in the CH. ESC 2 into each stitch of the round, beginning on the first stitch from your hook. 

Round 2: Skip the CH 1 (the stitch with the stitch marker), and ESC into the next stitch. ESC 2 into the following stitch. ESC into the next stitch. Alternate between ESC 2, and ESC in each stitch until you complete the round. 


Round 3: ESC, ESC, ESC 2. Repeat until you complete the round. 

Round 4: ESC, ESC, ESC, ESC 2. Repeat until you complete the round. 

For all rounds after Round 4, add an ESC at the beginning of the repeated sequence so that each ESC 2 is a stitch further apart in every round. 

Continue crocheting rounds until you complete a circle that meets your Head Circumference measurement. 

Once your circle is complete, it’s time to add height to the hat. 


Hat Height Round: ESC into every stitch of the round. 

Repeat the Hat Height Round until the height of your hats reaches your desired fit. If you are unsure how high (tall) to make your hat, try it on. Once the cap fits the way you want it to, move on to the brim. 



For the first round of the brim, you’ll need to work increases. So the first round of the brim will differ from the rest of the rounds. 

Brim Round 1: FPESC into the first post of the round. ESC into the space between the first and second post of the round. FPESC into the second post. ESC into the space between the second and third post. Repeat this pattern until you complete the round. 

Brim Round 2: ESC into every stitch of the round. 

Crochet about 5 rounds, then try the hat on. If you want to make a larger brim, add 2 rounds at a time, then try the hat on again until you reach your desired brim size.


Hat Band

CH 12 stitches in whatever yarn you want for the hat band.

Insert your hook behind the post of the stitch you selected, then loop the band back onto the hook . Pull the chain through the stitch, then CH 12 more stitches. 

Lay the band flat against the hat, and select another stitch on the second row up from the brim, just below where the last stitch of the band lays. 

Remove the band from your hook, and insert the hook behind the post of the stitch. Loop the band back onto the hook, and pull through the stitch. CH 12. 

Repeat until you work your way around the hat. Chain 12 stitches to match the first part of the chain you crocheted, then cut your yarn and pull your hook and yarn through the last loop of the chain. 

Tighten the knots at the end of the band, then weave in any tail ends left on your hat.

Optional: Crochet a few Geraniums to attach to your hat, and sew them on. The pattern for the Geraniums is included as a separate PDF. 

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