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Baby Summer Patterns

Honeycomb Baby Romper

Alright, my loves, this is going to be a loooong post! There is a lot of material to cover for this pattern, so brace yourselves!There will be none of that “let me tell you a story” bs going on in this post. Please read it carefully, as it is loaded …

Baby Blankets & Afghans

The Megan Baby Blanket

This simple, beautiful crochet baby blanket pattern is easy to make and creates a lovely gift for any new baby. The pattern is adjustable, so you can easily make this a larger or smaller blanket to suit your needs. What you’ll need: Yarn: Sprightly Worsted Cotton (available at ) …


Sea Creatures Bib

This cute sea-inspired bib set it the perfect baby shower gift! Specially if your family is like mine and loves to wait until baby arrives to know whether it’s a boy or a girl. Now you can make a a gender-neural baby gift! Anyway….This crochet pattern includes three sea critters; …