First of all, let me just say that I did not name this pattern. I’m terrible with names, something I have come to terms with, so I tend to just go with descriptive names just to be safe. My roommate is to blame for this gem of a name. I made the mistake of asking him for a suggestion and this is what he came up with. Sure, I could have changed it, but meh *shrug*

Let’s talk about this pattern!

Yarn: Use ANY yarn you want. Whatever you have available wherever you live will work, though I do suggest sticking to cotton or other summer-friendly fibers. I used a DK #3 yarn and an 8 mm hook, but you can use any combo you want.

Best practice advice: SWATCH! Try out the stitch using various hook sizes if you’re altering the pattern. If not, swatch anyway! Why? BC the stitch shrinks, so you will make a chain of 15 inches (for example) and a few rows in, your fabric will only measure 13 and you’ll still have the same stitch count. So save yourself some time and the heartache of frogging and just swatch before you start the pattern.

Other info to note:

You will need to take measurements in order to make this garment. So really, you can make this piece in ANY size you want (woo!).

That about covers it. Everything else is described in the tutorial, which I embedded at the bottom of the page. You can purchase the PDF pattern below.

Please note that the link to the pattern download will be included in your order confirmation email. Just click on the pattern name (it’s a hyperlink) and the file will open.

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