Hooray for summer patterns! Today, we’re making a Swimsuit Coverup (or Tunic, whatever you want to call it).

This pattern entirely customizable and made to fit you. With that said, you will need to take a few measurements:

-Cleavage to Thigh
-Shoulder to Thigh.

If you are unsure how to take these measurements, check out the vide tutorial for this pattern:

A note on the yarn:

I used a size #4 worsted cotton yarn. This will make a slightly thicker coverup. By using a thicker yarn, the coverup will also double-up as a “towel” and help try out your swimsuit just a tad. BUT you can use a #3 DK, or even a sport yarn if you prefer a lighter coverup. Use a 6mm hook for a worsted, 5 mm for a DK yarn, and a 4 mm hook for a sport yarn.

Yarn: #4 worsted cotton yarn    

Hook: 6 mm

Additional materials: Stitch Marker, Scissors, Measuring Tape, Yarn or Tapestry needle.

Notes: The Iris stitch is normally worked in multiples of 

4 + 1, however, you’ll need to make pairs of Iris stitches in order to center the neck slit on the cover-up, so work in multiples of 8 + 3. 

The cover-up is crocheted as two matching panels that are  sewn together along the shoulder, and down the sides. You will need to repeat the pattern twice to complete two panels. This pattern is worked from the bottom to shoulders. 

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This cover-up is entirely customizable to your size. 

Measure across your body, and not around. 

Take your chest and hips measurements. Use whichever one of the two is larger as the Coverup Width. 

Measure from your shoulders to your thigh (wherever you want the coverup to end). This will be your Coverup Height measurement. 
Take the cleavage to thigh measurement to use as the Cleavage measurement.

Initial Chain: Chain in multiples of 8 until your chain reaches the Coverup Width you want, then CH 3.

Row 1: IR into the fifth chain from your hook. SK 3, IR. Continue a SK 3, IR pattern until you complete the row. You will have 2 stitches left at the end of the row, DC into the last stitch one. 

Row 2: Ch 3,turn your work around and IR into the CH 1 of the first IR of the row, then  IR into the CH 1 of each IR of the row. DC into the last DC of the last IR of the row. Use the image to the right as a reference. 

Repeat Row 2 until you complete a length that measures your Cleavage  measurement. 

Shoulder Panel

Place a stitch marker in the center of the cover-up, along the top of the work, between the two center-most Iris Stitches.

Work a repetition of  Row 2 until you reach the stitch marker. On the IR before the stitch marker, DC into the last DC of the IR (like you would at the end of a row). Ch 3, turn your work around, and begin a Row 2 repetition. 
Repeat until you have a shoulder panel like the one in the picture on the left. The total measurement of the panel should be equal to your Shoulder to Thigh measurement.

Repeat a second shoulder panel to complete panel 1 of the pattern. Your completed panel should look like the one in the photo below. Weave in all your ends, then make a second panel like the one below.  

To Sew: 

Line up both of your panels so they face the same direction, and lay one on  top of the other. Sew along the top of each shoulder. Then sew along the sides, but remember to leave an arm hole. 

Belt tie:

Make a chain that measures 3 times your Coverup Width. Cut the end of the yarn and pull the yarn and hook through the last stitch of the chain to “knot” the end. Thread the chain through the waist of the coverup, leaving the tail ends through one of the front stitches  of the coverup to pull the belt tight. 

Weave in all remaining threads or tail ends, and you’re done!

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