With everyone having to spend more time at home, and it being hot outside, we’re crocheting some Lounge Around Shorts today. This is a quick, and relatively easy pattern to complete. All you need is your favorite yarn, a few hook, and a measuring tape.

If you are here after watching the video tutorial, you probably noticed that I used a #4 worsted yarn to make the teal shorts. Yes, I know, it’s summer and I should be using lighter yarn, BUT there are reasons for this yarn choice. Mainly, I filmed with tutorial using a worsted yarn because I am unsure how many of you are working through your yarn stash, and a medium yarn is all you have. Secondly, I loved that yarn color and only found it in a medium weight yarn (granted, I wasn’t looking too hard, but still). For all of you wanting to use a lighter yarn, you totally can!

I made a few pairs of these shorts using worsted and DK yarn, and both look and feel very comfy. So know that you can use any yarn of your choosing, so long as you adjust your hook size.

So let’s talk about supplies! Regardless of yarn choice, you will need a measuring tape, scissors, stitch markers/safety pins, and a yarn needle.

Camp medium worsted yarn:
-#4 medium yarn of choice
-3.75 mm & 6 mm regular hooks
-7 mm Tunisian hook

Camp DK:
-DK yarn
-3.75 mm & 4.5 mm regular hooks
-5.5 mm Tunisian hook

Sizing: This pattern makes a bespoke garment that fits you. You will need to take the following measurements to complete this pattern:

1. Hips:Measure around the widest part of your hips. 

2. Hips to crotch: Measure along the front of your body from your hips to the crotch. 

3. Inseam: Measure from the crotch to where you want the length of your shorts to end. 


RP – Return Pass              TS – Tunisian Simple Stitch       
SC – Single Crochet          DC – Double Crochet  

You can find the full version of this pattern, which includes stitch descriptions, photos, notes, and tips, below. The pattern is an instant download PDF that you can save to almost every device, or print.

Use the 6 mm hook.

Crochet an initial chain: Hip Measurement / 2

Use the 7 mm Tunisian hook.

Foundation Row: Beginning on the second chain from your hook, cast on a stitch for every stitch of your chain. Insert your hook into the second stitch from your hook, yarn over, and pull up a loop. Leave this loop on your hook. Repeat with every stitch of the chain so that you end up with one loop on your hook for every stitch you chained. 

Complete a RP. 


Row 1: Beginning on the second vertical stitch from your hook, TS into every stitch of the row.

Complete a RP.

Repeat Row 1 until your fabric matches the Hip to Crotch  measurement. 

Increase Row: Insert your hook into the chain space between the first and second vertical stitch. Cast on one loop (this is a single increase). TS into every vertical stitch of the row. Double increase* between the last vertical stitch and the final stitch of the row. 


Repeat the Increase Row until the front increase (the single increase side) measures approximately 2 inches, or 5 cm, across. 

The back increase (the double increase) will measure approximately 4 inches, or 10 cm. 

Once you finish your increases, crochet a few rows of TS (Page 3, Row 1) until you add a length equal to your Inseam measurement. 

When you complete the last RP of the Inseam rows, crochet a SC Bind Off row.

SC Bind Off: Insert your hook behind the top loop (leg) of the second vertical stitch of the yarn. Yarn over and pull up a loop, then yarn over and pull through two loops (like you would for a SC). You should be left with one loop on your hook. Repeat in every stitch of the row, including the final stitch. 

SC Row: CH 1, turn your work around. SC into the first stitch from your hook, and into every stitch of the row. 

When you are through, CH 1, cut your yarn and weave in ends. 

Left Panel

Use the 6 mm hook

Crochet an initial chain with the same number of stitches as the chain you made for the Right Panel.   

Use the 7 mm Tunisian hook.

Complete a Foundation Row, and crochet the same number of Row 1 repeats as you did in the Right Panel. Your fabric should measure ½ of your Hip measurement, by your Hip to Crotch measurement. 

Increase Row: Crochet a double increase in the chain space between the first and second vertical stitches of the row. TS into every vertical stitch of row. Crochet a single increase in the chain space between the last vertical stitch and the final stitch of the row. 

Crochet the same number of Increase Rows as you crocheted in the Right Panel.


Elastic Band

Use the 3.75 mm hook.

Chain 15.

Row 1: DC in the 4th chain from your hook.  CH 1. DC in the next stitch (the 5th one from your hook).  *Skip 1 stitch. DC in the next stitch, CH 1, DC in the next stitch. Repeat from * until you have 1 CH left in the row.  DC in the last stitch of the row. 

Row 2: CH 3. DC into the chainspace between the first and second DC of the previous row, CH 1, and DC into that same chainspace. *Skip 1. DC into the next chainspace, CH 1, DC in the same stitch. Repeat from * through the end of the row. DC into the top chain of the CH 3 from the previous row. 

Repeat Row 2 until you have crocheted a length that fits comfortably around your hips. 

When you reach the length you want, CH 1, cut your yarn and weave in ends.



Sew superficial stitches: insert needle into the bottom of the stitch, and through to the top along the front of the panel. Do not insert the needle through the panel and into the back side. Work only along the top part so you can easily see and access the horizontal stitches. 

Fold the Right Panel in half so that the inseams meet. Sew along the Inseam. 

Repeat with the left panel. 

While still folded, turn your left panel over, so the inseam is facing away from you. Lay the left panel over the right panel, so the crotch and inseam line up. 

Sew along the edges of the panels along the crotch (the yellow arrows on the photo on the left). Do not sew the inseams together.

Sew the narrow ends of the elastic closed, then line up the elastic band along the top of the shorts. It should be narrower than the top (hips) of the shorts. 

Line up the seam along the narrow ends of the elastic with the seams along the back of the shorts and place a stitch marker/pin to join the elastic to the shorts. 

Place a stitch marker along the front, center seam of the shorts, joining the elastic and the shorts. Then repeat with the sides so you have joined the shorts in 4 points. You may need to stretch out the elastic in order to place the side stitch markers. 

Pull the elastic band and place stitch markers along the edges of the shorts to join the elastic to the fabric. Stretch out the band in order to keep the fabric on the shorts taught along the edge of the elastic. You need to stretch the elastic so it fits the shorts, not bunch the fabric so it fits the elastic to obtain a smooth finish along the seam. 

Sew the elastic band along the edge of shorts, keeping the elastic stretched (and flush along the side of the edge of the shorts), as you sew. 

When you finish, cut your yarn, and weave in any remaining ends and you are finished!   

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