Hello crochet friends! This week’s pattern is actually quite easy and fairly quick to make. Yes, it may still take you about a week of work, and many hours, but this is one of those project that you can complete while reading, or watching a movie or show. This Nautical Blanket pattern is ideal for intermediate crocheters.

Let’s go over the measurements, yarn, and all the other pattern info!

The blanket measures approximately 52 x 47 inches (132 x 119 cm), so it’s a great size for a throw.

Yarn, now this one is kind of a biggie because we have a few colors to work with. Now, if you watched the tutorial you may have heard the explanation behind why I used two different yarn brands to complete this blanket. If not, here’s the quick and dirty version: the Micheals store I shopped at had a limited color selection of both yarns brands I used, so I had to mix and match. That said, you can use any yarn brand you want. The specs for the yarns I used can be found below, along with the color breakdowns. In total, you need 8 skeins broken down into 4 colors: grey, white, light blue, navy blue. Here are the details:

3 skeins of Soft & Shiny yarn in White

2 skeins of Soft & Shiny in Grey

1 skein of Soft & Shiny in Denim Jeans

2 skins of Simply Soft in Country Blue

Yarn Specs:
Soft & Shiny Yarn specs:                    Simply Soft Yarn specs:

Weight: Medium (4)                Weight: Medium (4)

Contents: 100% acrylic                Contents: 100% acrylic

Skein Weight: 6 oz. / 170 g            Skein Weight: 6 oz. / 170 g

Yardage: 311 yd. / 285 m            Yardage: 315 yd. / 288 m

As for the hook, a 6 mm one will work just fine.

Other than that, I think I covered everything else in the tutorial, but feel free to email me if you have any questions. I’m always happy to help 🙂

To purchase the pattern, you can select from either of the options below. If you purchase the full pattern, please note that you will receive a copy of the chart as well. So there is no need to buy an additional chart (unless you really want to). The “chart only” is exactly that, it is just the chart without the written pattern.

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