Since moving to Florida, Dylan and I have hit the pool almost daily. We have to walk past a few buildings in our apartment complex to reach the pool, so I thought she could use a swimsuit cover up, too. I made one for myself, but thought maybe a simple version, with less revealing lace stitching, would be good for a little one.

I pulled out the yarn stash, and she picked out a skein of Caron Big Cakes of blue, yellow, and white. I worked on the pattern for a few days, and ended up with a fun cover-up that Dylan wears all day! Here’s what you’ll need:

Yarn: Caron Big Cakes. You may need more than 1 skein if you are making a child’s medium or larger.

Hook: N (9 mm)

Additional materials: Scissors, needle (any needle you can fit your yarn through will work).

Optional materials: Stitch markers, buttons.

For adult sizes: Use ¼ of the measurement of either your hips, or chest (whichever is larger), as the width of your panel. For the length, use your height measurement.

Children’s sizing*              Width Length
Small (3-5 years)           6-7 inches / 15-18 cm  41-44 inches / 104-112 cmMedium (6-8 years)      8-8.5 inches / 20-21 cm    50-53 inches / 127-135 cm Large (up to 12 years)  9.5-10 inches / 24-25 cm   55-58 inches / 140-147 cm

*Children’s sizing is based on average U.S. sizing.

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