In this week’s tutorial, we learned to crochet a Solomon’s Knot as well as a Solomon’s Grid. With a little patience, and a little practice, this stitch is a breeze! It’s a beautiful stitch that can be used to create summer garments, unique borders, bags, and many more projects!

Chain in multiples of 4 + 3.

Solomon’s Knot:

Extend the loop on your hook.

Start with extending the loop about twice its height. Once you get the hang of the stitch, you can adjust this part to suit your pattern. 

Place your middle finger between the loop on your hook, and your working yarn. This is a placeholder, meant to help you create the “knot” a little more easily.

Yarn over, and slip stitch into the loop on your hook.

Slowly remove your finger from the stitch, and replace it with your hook.

Yarn over and pull up a loop.

Yarn over, and pull through both loops on your hook (single crochet).

Solomon’s Grid:

Once you have completed a Solomon’s Knot, skip 6 stitches (the knot does not count as a stitch). 

Double Crochet (DC) into the 7th stitch of the chain.  

Crochet a Solomon’s Knot, skip 3 stitches, and DC into the 4th stitch. 

Repeat the knot, skip 3, DC  until you complete the row. 

Row 2: Chain 3, turn your work around. 

*Crochet a Solomon’s Knot, skip 3, DC into the 4th stitch. 

Repeat from * until you complete the row. Crochet the last DC into the top stitch of the chain 3 from the previous row. 

Repeat row 2 until you complete your fabric. 

Finishing Row: 

There are 2 ways to complete a finishing row. 

  1. Chain 6, skip to the second DC of the row (the one after the first Solomon’s Knot), and single crochet (SC) into that stitch.

    *CH 3, SC into the next DC. Repeat from * until you complete the row. 

  1. Chain 1, turn your work around. *SC into the first two stitches. SC 2 into the Solomon’s Knot. Repeat from * until you complete the row.  

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