I’ve combined the six most popular sweater and long-sleeved top patterns in the Mode Bespoke catalogue and turned them into a PDF pattern bundle and paperback book!

Here are a few things to know about these patterns:

These patterns use a flat Tunisian Crochet hook (no double-ended hooks are needed for these patterns!)

Each pattern is measurement-based, and does not include specific stitch counts. A sizing chart (US Sizes and Measurements) is included in this bundle which includes sizes from newborn to adults (both men and women’s sizes). Additionally, each pattern outlines which measurements are needed and how to take each measurement so you can create a bespoke garment.

Please note that yardage is not specified in these patterns, and you are welcome (and encouraged) to crochet these designs using a variety of yarn/hook combinations to create a fabric that suits your needs. The pattern notes for each project disclose the yarn and hook combination I used, but the patterns are written so that you can use the materials you have available to you wherever you are in the world. 🙂

A free tutorial on how to calculate yardage is available on the Mode Bespoke YouTube channel. Type “How Much Yarn, Mode Bespoke” in the Google or YouTube search bar to find the tutorial.

Patterns included in the bundle and in the paperback:

  • Boat Neck Top
  • Boho Cardi
  • Breezy Top
  • Kai’s Cardigan
  • Knit Stitch Cardigan
  • Gentleman’s Sweater

Also included: Cardigan Sizing Chart

You can purchase the PDF Pattern bundle here:

You can order the paperback book through my shop, or on Amazon.

Written by

Atenas Ruiz-Ramos

Hi there!

I’m Atenas, the designer and content creator for Mode Bespoke.

When I’m not designing patterns or creating tutorials for YouTube, I spend my time making things, reading, writing, or learning something new.

I’m a linguist, musician, martial artist, seamstress, fantasy & sci-fi novelist, bibliophile, artist, cooking enthusiast, soap maker, budding mechanic, gardener, and a mom.