FINALLY!! After weeks (ok, months) of talking about this sweater, I finally finished the pattern and tutorial. This thing sat at the top of my WIP pile for what felt like years because, for one reason or another, any time I went to film, something happened and it kept getting pushed back. But here it is!

Now, ok it’s called The Gentleman’s Sweater, but I totally made it for myself because I love this stitch. That said, you can crochet this for anyone your want, so long as you make adjustments to your measurements. I talk about this more in the PDF pattern, but as a brief overview: use the widest measurement between your shoulders, chest, waist, and hips. When you take the length measurement, measure from your shoulder down towards your hip (on the front side of your body) and account for all the curves and bumps of your lovely figure to ensure a well-fitting garment.

If you’re making this as a gift and just need a sizing chart (and not the whole pattern) you can purchase one below. The Sizing chart includes US sizing ranging from Newborn to Adult. The full PDF pattern for this sweater includes a copy of the sizing chart.

A quick note on yardage, because I get this question often in my patterns, I do not note yardage in written patterns. The reason being, that my patterns are measurement based so you can use whatever yarn weight and hook combination you have available. This will affect the yardage required to complete the pattern. As we are not all one-size-fits-all, and you’ll be using your personal measurements for this garment, there is simply no way for me to calculate yardage for various yarn weight and measurement combinations SO created a tutorial to teach you how to calculate yardage for any project. You can find it on the Mode Bespoke channel on YouTube, or just look below:

What you’ll need:

Yarn: #3 / DK / Lightweight yarn
Hooks: 5.5 mm Tunisian, 3.5 mm regular

Additional items: Measuring tape, yarn needle scissors, stitch markers/safety pins.

I used a cotton yarn for this project, but note that cotton has limited elasticity, so you’ll need to be very precise with your measurements. To create a stretchier fabric, you can use a wool blend, or a cotton or bamboo cotton and a synthetic fiber blend.

Those are all the notes I have for you, so here are the links to the shop where you can find the PDF pattern and the yarn I used to make this sweater:

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