Let’s talk about the yarn you’ll need for this pattern, because it is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT! Since this pattern is intended to be used for hot items, you need to use yarn that is 100% cotton. No acrylic, polyester, or any other synthetic or animal-derived yarn will work. Cotton won’t melt, which is important when using this Tortilla Warmer as a potholder. Also, please use at least a medium-sized cotton yarn. A thin fingering yarn will not work, it’ll be too thin and you could burn yourself if using this as a potholder.

Another important note, when using this as a potholder, use the potholder folded in half (not as a glove/oven mitt) to ensure you have enough fabric between your hand and the hot item. Please use caution when handling hot items. OK, that was my PSA, let’s get to crocheting!

What you’ll need:

Yarn: Cotton yarn. Make sure it is 100% cotton and not synthetic so it can withstand high heat.

Hook: G (4.25 mm)

Additional materials: Scissors, needle (any needle you can fit your yarn through will work).

Sizing: This pattern makes one Tortilla Warmer that measures: 9.5 inches wide by 9.75 inches high.
CH – Chain                 
SLST – Slip Stitch                                            
SC- Single Crochet
FLOSC – Front Loop Only Single Crochet             
HDC – Half Double Crochet                    
FLOHDC – Front Loop Only Half Double Crochet

Sizing: This pattern makes one Tortilla Warmer that measures: 9.5 inches wide by 9.75 inches high.

Chain 40.

Working in the back stitches of the chain, SC into every stitch of the row. 

Even Moss Stitch

Row 1-8: CH 1, HDC into the first stitch. SLST into the second stitch. HDC into the third stitch. SLST into the fourth. Continue alternating between HDC and SLST until you finish the row.

Divider Section

Row 9: CH 1, HDC into every stitch of the row. 

Row 10: CH 1, FSC into every stitch of the row. 

Row 11: CH 1, FLOHDC into every stitch of the row. 

Repeat the Even Moss Stitch Rows 1-8.

Repeat the Divider Section Rows 9-11.

Repeat the Even Moss Stitch Rows 1-8.

Repeat the Divider Section Rows 9-11.                           

Repeat the Even Moss Stitch Rows 1-8.

Row 49 & 50: (once you’ve completed the last repetition of the Even Moss Stitch) CH 1, SC into every stitch of the row. 

Weave in your ends, and make a second square. Line up your two squares and sew three of the four sides together to create a pocket for your tortillas. 

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