New baby in the family means new blanket pattern release! Heads up, there will be another blanket pattern coming soon because my sister is having baby #2 in December!

Anyway, this blanket is for my sister-in-law (she’s really my sister’s SIL, but I love this gal and decided she was my SIL too). It’s on the smaller side, but that was per my sister’s request as she found the smaller baby blanket helpful when my nephew was an infant , and she says he still uses it as a toddler. If you want a larger version of this blanket, you can easily resize it by making a chain in the width you prefer, but remember to mind your multiples!

The full pattern is available as a PDF download below. You can also purchase the kit for this project which includes the yarn and a PDF copy of the pattern.

Yarn: 3 hanks of Mode Bespoke Cotton Blend Gem Tones yarn
Tunisian Hook: 12 mm
Additional materials: yarn needle & scissors

Pattern Notes
Yarn: I used one hank in each of the following colors: Natural, Soft Pink, Pink.
Note: this yarn is on the bulkier side of a medium weight yarn.
Specs per hank:
Weight: #4 Medium
392 yds / 7 oz
358 m / 200 g

You can substitute any yarn of choice for this project. If you choose a different yarn weight, you will need to make a
swatch in order to determine what hook size to use. Start with a hook twice the size recommended on the yarn
label, and increase by 1 mm until you reach the desired look for your fabric.

Construction: Your initial chain will determine the width of your blanket, and each row adds to the length. Each
color stripe is made up of approximately 22 rows. Each “square” is made up of 4 stitches and 4 rows in the same
stitch (either PS or KS). You will start with a 3-row repeat after your foundation row, and end in a 3-row repeat
before binding off.

As a reference, a 2 x 2 square of 4 purl stitches/ 4 knit stitches, each stitch crocheted 4 rows a piece
(for a total of 8 rows) measures approximately 3 x 3.5 inches (8 x 9 cm). I didn’t label it as “gauge”
since it’s not a 4 in/10 cm square, and we’re using a combination of stitches.

Size: This baby blanket measures approximately 29 x 26 in (74 x 66 cm).

Multiples: 4 + 2

Blocking: Blocking is not necessary for this blanket as it will lay flat due to the combination of stitches and the
weight of the yarn.

Written by

Atenas Ruiz-Ramos

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