Last week, I posted the Sans Polka Dot Bikini pattern. If you’re anything like me, and want a little more protection/coverage in the bra area, a bra liner is a must. While I did not cover the idea of a bra liner in the Bikini tutorial, I did add one to my bikini top to get a little more padding and coverage. 

This is a handy pattern to learn if you crochet feminine garments. It’s simple to make and add to any piece you crochet. You can also use it to make a crochet bra! Just add some straps and you have yourself a quick and easy, made-to-fit bra!

Let’s talk about materials! 

Yarn: You can truly use ANY yarn you want. Pick something that is soft and easy to wash. I highly suggest staying clear of wool for these liners, especially if you have sensitive skin. 

Hook: Start with the hook size recommended for your yarn. If you no longer have the label, start with a 5 mm (H hook) and adjust your size as needed. If you want tight stitching, use a smaller hook. For more loose/open stitches, use a larger hook. 

Additional materials: Tape measure & yarn needle. 

Bra Liner Printable PDF Pattern

The ad-free, instant download, printable PDF pattern is available!

It includes photos and tips to help you crochet the perfect Bra Liner.


Use a measuring tape, and measure from the nipple to just below the breast. This will be the length of your initial chain, of the breast measurement. 

Tip: Jot this measurement down. We’ll be using it again. 

Make a chain that measures the length required for the breast measurement. 

Tip: Write down the number of chains you made so you can use them for the second liner. That way both liners will match. 


CH – Chain

SC – Single Crochet

SC3 – crochet 3 Single Crochets into 1 stitch. 

Row 1: CH 1, turn your work around. SC into the first stitch from your hook and into every stitch of the row. In the last stitch of the row, SC3. 

The SC3 will curve the stitching and bring your to the other side of your work. 

SC into the stitch after the SC3, and into every stitch of the row along the other side of the chain. 

Row 2:  CH 1, turn your work around. SC into the first stitch from your hook and into every stitch of the row. SC3 in the last stitch of the row. SC into every stitch along the other side of the row. 

Repeat Row 2 until you make your liner as wide as you want. 

General rule I use for the liner width is crochet a width of 2 times the breast measurement. 

The width of the liner is, however, entirely up to you and depends on the project you need it for. Make sure you measure it against the project you plant to sew it onto before cutting your yarn and weaving in any ends. 

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