Who doesn’t love a cute bikini? If you love the beach, and all things swimming related (like I do), having a few bathing suits is a must. This one is deceptively easy and quick to make, plus it looks adorable! You don’t need to be a advanced crocheter to make this project, just a general grasp of single and double crochets is enough to create this cute Bikini Top.

Yarn notes:
I used two different types of cotton yarn to create these tops. The fushia top was crocheted using Coboo yarn, by Lion Brand. This is a 50/50 cotton and rayon blend that is water-friendly. Your finished top will be soft and comfortable, and will remain this way even after many trips to the beach or pool. If you have access to this yarn, I’d highly recommend it for this top.

The navy one was crocheted using Comfy Cotton Yarn, by Lion Brand Yarns. It’s a 50/50 cotton & polyester blend. This yarn is definitely not my favorite for this project. It’s soft while you crochet with it, but it is terribly itchy when you wear the top. It is also one of those strange yarns that seems to lose softness after each wash. I’ve worn and washed this top a few times, and it becomes increasingly uncomfortable with each wear.

Pattern Notes: This is a 2-part pattern, so you will need to use the Bra Liner pattern in addition to this pattern in order to complete the project. Both are available here in the blog, and are free. So complete 2 bra liners, then come back to this pattern to complete your bikini top. Here is the link to the Bra Liner pattern (opens in a new tab).

The PDF pattern for the Seashell Bikini includes three PDFs:
1. Bra Liner
2. Seashell Bikini Top
3. Seashell Bikini Bottom.

So you will receive the pattern for the Bikini Bottom and Top which includes: three PDFs chock-full of photos, notes, and tips when you purchase the PDF pattern. The purchased pattern also includes stitch descriptions or the abbreviated stitches.


Yarn: #3 DK Yarn 

Hook: 3.75 mm 

Additional materials: Scissors, 1 wooden ring, and yarn needle. Pins or Safety Pins, and a Stitch/row counter (optional).

Suggested ring size: ¾  inch in diameter (1.9 cm). 


Bespoke. Measurement notes available on the Bra Liner pattern.



CH – Chain            SC –  Single Crochet                                  

DC – Double Crochet        SL – Slip Stitch

Stitch descriptions for the abbreviations are available on the PDF pattern.

Shell Borders

Once you complete a Bra Liner (liner) in your size, crochet the Sea Shells along one of the sides of the Bra Liner. 

Shells Row: SC in the bottom stitch along the side of the liner (along the side where the blue arrows point to in the photo). SC into each of the 

next 4 stitches. Begin crocheting the Shell Pattern along the side of the liner.  


Shell Pattern:
Skip one stitch. DC 5 into the next stitch. Skip one stitch. SC in the following stitch. SC in the next stitch. Repeat from the beginning of the Shell Pattern.

Repeat the Shell Pattern until you reach the top point of the liner. Do not crochet into the point stitch. 


Neck Ties

CH 50. 

Row 1: SC into the second stitch of the chain, and into every stitch of the row, until you reach the point stitch. SC into the point stitch.

Row 2: CH 1 and turn your work around. Skip the first stitch of the row, then SC into every stitch of the row. 

Repeat Row 2. 

Once you reach the liner, SC into the stitch directly after the point stitch, then repeat the Shell Pattern along the remaining side of the liner. Stop crocheting the Shell Pattern about 2-5 stitches before the end of the row. SC into each of the remaining stitches. (Use the photo on the right as a guide). 

SC 3 into the last stitch of the row. 

Bottom Border

Row 1: SC the first 2 stitches together. SC the next two stitches together. Repeat the SC 2 Tog pattern with each pair of stitches along the bottom side of the liner. 

SC 2 Tog: Insert your hook into the first stitch of the row, yarn over, and pull up a loop. Leave the loop on your hook. Insert you hook into the next loop, yarn over, and pull up a loop. You should have 3 loops on your hook. Yarn over, and pull through all three loops. 

Row 2: CH 1, turn your work around. Beginning on the first stitch of the row,  SC into every stitch of the row. 

Repeat Row 2 , three more times (so you end up with a total of 4 rows of SC). Your last SC should end up on the opposite side from where your first started the Bottom Border. 

On the last repetition, SC 3 into the final stitch. 


Back Ties
Row 1: SC into every stitch until you reach first Shell. 

Row 2: CH 1, turn your work around. Begin on the first stitch of the row, and SC into every stitch of the row. 

Repeat Row 2 until you have crocheted a total of 100 rows. 



Complete a second Seashell liner by repeating all of the steps above. You will require the wooden ring for this next part of the pattern. 

Line up your Seashell liners as seen in the photo on the left. Sew the ring onto the bottom, center area of each of the two Seashell liners to hold both sides of the bikini top together.

To sew: you will need to thread a long piece of yarn onto your yarn needle, and knot one end of the thread. 

Hold the wooden ring along the edge of one of the Seashell liners. 

Sew through the fabric and into the center of the ring. Repeat until you have securely sewn the ring onto the top. 

Remember that the wooden ring is what holds the top together, so be sure to sew through both the ring and the fabric as many times as possible. 

Knot the yarn, and weave in the remaining tail end. 

Repeat with the second Seashell liner.

Knot the yarn, and weave in any remaining yarn ends. 

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