Here are the yarn and measurement notes for today’s hat pattern:

Yarn: You will need 2 different yarn colors to crochet this pattern. As for the yardage, that will depend on what yarn weight you plan to use, but you’d need about 1 skein in each color (180 yards of each color is enough to complete an adult hat).

In the tutorial, I used a medium yarn to crochet my hat, however, if you are interested in crocheting this pattern using a different yarn, here is the yarn/hook recommended pairings:

# 4 medium yarn    6 mm hook
# 3 light / DK yarn    5 mm hook
# 2 sport / fine yarn    4 mm hook

For the hat in the pattern photo, I used a yarn called Woolike by a company called Loops and Threads. This yarn, however, is only available in Michaels stores in the U.S., and might not be easy to find if you live elsewhere. I’ll leave the specs below in case you want to use something similar. 

Woolike Yarn specs:

Weight: Super Fine (1)

Contents: 85% acrylic, 15% nylon

Skein Weight: 3.5 oz. / 100 g

Yardage: 678 yd. / 620 m

 A note about using this yarn: it is a Fingering yarn, so I double-up on the threads to make it thicker (about the size of a sport yarn). I normally purchase two skeins and use a thread from each skein to keep the yarn from tangling. So you will need 4 skeins total (2 skeins in each color).

Hook: You will need a double-ended hook to complete this pattern as written.

Construction: The initial chain determines the width of the hat brim, and you add length by adding rows. The brim pattern is a 2-row repeat, while the hat is a 1-row repeat. You will need a bind off row to finish the fabric for both the brim and the hat.

Multiples: The brim rows must be crocheted in multiples of 4. 

INCHESCrown WidthHeightCircumference
Nb-3 mo.3.5413
3-6 mo.4.55.514
6-12 mo.5615
12-24 mo.5.256.2516.5
Teen/SM adult7821
Medium Adult7.258.522
Large Adult7.5923
CentimetersCrown WidthHeightCircumference
Nb-3 mo.8.910.233.0
3-6 mo.11.414.035.6
6-12 mo.12.715.238.1
12-24 mo.13.315.941.9
Teen/SM adult17.820.353.3
Medium Adult18.421.655.9
Large Adult19.122.958.4

The FULL PDF pattern is available! The 6-page pattern includes photos, notes, and step by step instructions for completing the Brioche Hat. Please note that the pattern is written in the round, so while I did cover how to crochet this project as a flat fabric, it is not covered in the written pattern.

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