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Socks Winter Patterns

Brioche Socks, Tunisian Crochet

Let’s crochet some socks! OK, I admit it, I have a sock-crocheting addiction, but can you blame me?? Socks are so much fun to crochet, but the really great moment is when you get to try them on… and they FIT!! Yes, I said it, they fit! I’m talking “wear …

Hats & Beanies Winter Patterns

Argyle Hat

Who doesn’t love argyle? This is one of those “simple to make, but looks hard” kind of pattern that you can whip up while watching your favorite show on the weekend. Once you get the hang of the color changes, making this hat is easy. Quick note on the yarn: …

Scarves Winter Patterns

Jacqueline Scarf

Hello, everyone! Welcome back! Today, we’re working on the Jacqueline Scarf, the matching scarf to the Jacqueline Mittens we crocheted last week. If you haven’t checked those out, here is a link to that video: Just like in last week’s pattern, you will need a little experience to crochet these …