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Scarves Winter Patterns

1 Hour Short Scarf

You know know how it goes, you make your holiday crochet gift list months in advance, then you crochet all your gifts and check names off the list BUT inevitably someone else comes to mind last minute! You’ve got a week, or less, before Xmas and you’re stressing! Been there? …

Scarves Winter Patterns

Herringbone Scarf

Welcome to another scarf pattern post! This one is an incredibly easy one, which makes the perfect boyfriend or husband scarf! Yes, it also makes for a gorgeous scarf for a gal, just FYI. You can quickly work this project up while binge-watching your favorite show this weekend and it …

Scarves Winter Patterns

Suzette Hooded Cowl

This cowl pattern is a quick-work crochet project that you can easily crochet in an afternoon. It created a beautiful, elegant cowl that makes a wonderful winter gift. You can make this using a single skein of Comfy Cotton Yarn. Materials: 1 skein of either Comfy Cotton Blend, or Scarfie …