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Arrow Stitch Cowl

Today we’re working on a quick and easy project that will introduce you to the Tunisian Arrow Stitch (aka Tunisian Diamond stitch). I know, I know, it’s not a summer pattern and I’m posting this at the end of April, but two things happened: I just learned this gorgeous stitch. …

Scarves Winter Patterns

Jacqueline Scarf

Hello, everyone! Welcome back! Today, we’re working on the Jacqueline Scarf, the matching scarf to the Jacqueline Mittens we crocheted last week. If you haven’t checked those out, here is a link to that video: Just like in last week’s pattern, you will need a little experience to crochet these …


Celtic Weave & Cables Scarf

I LOVE this scarf! It is hands down, one of the most beautiful scarves I’ve ever designed, and surprisingly easy to crochet…..if you are an experienced crocheter. A beginner could crochet this scarf too, however, you’ll need to be familiar with a few stitches before your try it. The pattern …

Scarves Winter Patterns

Tunisian Braided Scarf

I should start by pointing out that this project is not intended for beginner crocheters. While it is an easy project to complete, you need to be comfortable with some basic Tunisian stitches before beginning this project. This is because you will be skipping stitches and working them out of …

Scarves Winter Patterns

Herringbone Scarf

Welcome to another scarf pattern post! This one is an incredibly easy one, which makes the perfect boyfriend or husband scarf! Yes, it also makes for a gorgeous scarf for a gal, just FYI. You can quickly work this project up while binge-watching your favorite show this weekend and it …

Scarves Winter Patterns

Suzette Hooded Cowl

This cowl pattern is a quick-work crochet project that you can easily crochet in an afternoon. It created a beautiful, elegant cowl that makes a wonderful winter gift. You can make this using a single skein of Comfy Cotton Yarn. Materials: 1 skein of either Comfy Cotton Blend, or Scarfie …