By popular request, here is the matching scarf to the Alternating Posts Hat, which I creatively named the “Alternating Posts Scarf”!

This is a quick and easy beginner crochet project that you can whip-up in no time (if you use a medium yarn, of course).

The pattern calls for Back and Front Post Double Crochets, and if you have no idea how to crochet those, you can check out the video tutorial for the scarf (there is also one for the hat). It is super easy to crochet, so if you are a beginner, give it a try!

Alternating Posts Scarf Tutorial
Alternating Posts Hat Tutorial

Yarn: Minimum of approx. 400 yards (366 m) of a size 4, medium yarn.  (adult scarf)

Tunisian Hook: 4.25 mm

Additional materials: Scissors, & needle (any needle you can fit your yarn through will work). 

Notes: This pattern uses no multiples or any specific number of stitches. The width and length of your project are customizable to your taste. Your initial chain will  measure the desired width of the scarf, then you work the length of the scarf by adding rows. 

PDF instant download pattern and emailed copy.

Skill level: Beginner

Terminology: Standard US Crochet Terms

Sizing: child to adult sized provided in pattern

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