Christmas is nearly here, and I’ve got one last pattern for you all before we’re all off celebrating with friends and family. This one is a quick little project you can easily complete in a few minutes. It’s perfect for last-minute gifts for friends, neighbors, colleagues, and holiday parties. I’m talking about….

Bottles toppers! My MIL requested these, which she pops onto the cider bottles she adds to holiday baskets she makes for her neighbors. With Christmas just around the corner, I thought I’d share the incredibly easy pattern with you all!

What you’ll need:

Yarn! I used a #4 worsted yarn for this project, but you can use any yarn you want for the hat. For the beads, I highly recommend using a #5 or #6 bulky yarn as this will be much, much easier to brush out.

5 mm hook.

Yarn needle


Glue gun, and glue

Dried soybean (or anything you want to use as the nose)

Let’s build some bottle toppers!

Chain 25

Slip stitch into the first chain to close the round. Then single crochet into every stitch of the chain.

Once you complete the round, skip the first stitch of the previous round, and single crochet into every stitch of the round. Repeat this until you complete about 22 rounds.

To change yarn colors: work your single crochets until you complete a round in color 1. Then yarn over in color 2, skip the first stitch of the previous round, and continue to single crochet until you complete the round. You don’t need to cut the yarn between color changes if you will continue to use the color. You can just drop the yarn and pick it back up the next time you want to use that color. (Color changes are demonstrated in the tutorial)

As you work you way around each round, skip the first stitch of the previous round to slowly decrease the number of stitches per round so you create a cone. Once you complete about 22 rounds, or once you can no longer comfortably work any more stitches into the hat, chain 1 (to knot the yarn) and cut your thread. Weave or glue in any ends and you’re done!

To make the beards:

Cut your #5 or #6 yarn into strips in the length you want the beards to be. Carefully glue these to the hat and allow the glue to cool. One the glue has set, take a comb or brush and brush out the beard (it will shed a bit). Once you are finished with the beard, glue on the little nose and you are set!

And there you are folks! A few bits of yarn scarps, a few minutes of crochet, and a large pile of shed yarn later, you have a cute little holiday gang of bearded elves and/or Santas to top your wine/cider/fancy bottled sodas with! Below, I’ll list a few stripe combinations you can use to create different hats designs.

This is the last post and pattern for this year, friends. I wish you all a very merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year! Join me January 2nd for a Tunisian Crochet 101 class, which will be the first class in our Tunisian Crochet Course that will take place in January 2020! Follow me on Instagram, or subscribe to the Mode Bespoke YouTube channel to learn more!

With love,

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