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Bags & Purses Holidays

Paper Airplane Bag

Originally, this was intended as a cute Valentine’s Day gift bag, but my kiddo saw the finished bag and decided it was her new purse. So…here is the Paper Airplane general purpose bag! (or purse, if you wish) For those of you “enrolled” in the Tunisian Crochet Course (it’s free …


Holiday Bottle Toppers

Christmas is nearly here, and I’ve got one last pattern for you all before we’re all off celebrating with friends and family. This one is a quick little project you can easily complete in a few minutes. It’s perfect for last-minute gifts for friends, neighbors, colleagues, and holiday parties. I’m …


Snowflake Tea Towel

This towel was by far, the most fun to crochet out of the tree-piece Tea Towel set. It might also be because it if my favorite of the three. I should probably point out that this one is also the pattern you’ll need to pay the most attention to, as …


Reindeer Tea Towel

The weather is cooling down, the leaves are changing color, and we are heading into the festive season! We’ve got holidays, snow days, and let’s-bake-some-cookies days fast approaching! With all the winter feels coming on strong, I felt like creating a festive weekend project, so here is one of the …


Holiday Tree Tea Towel

With the smell of Fall comes all things festive, like cookies and hot cocoa, snowflakes, twinkle lights, and Christmas Trees! This tea towel was inspired by the beautiful sights of Spokane in winter. I loved looking out the window and watching the snow fall on the Evergreens! Now that I …

Bags & Purses Holidays

Easter Basket

This is an easy Easter basket pattern that you can easily crochet using your favorite yarn! You can also use hemp, or rope to create a thicker basket. Best of all, you can crochet this basket in any size! Materials: 1 skein Caron Big Cakes (you can make                 2-3 …