It’s that time of the year! You know, the “oh my goodness, I forgot to make a present for Uncle Jo and Aunt Deb!” and you’re scrambling to crochet a quick, but lovely gift that looks like it may have taken longer to make than it really did, time of the year. Nothing says “Happy Holidays” like beautifully lit trees, oversized socks hanging from the hearth, and crochet-induced carpal tunnel. So on that note, let’s get our crochet on!

Here’s what you’ll need to create this quick and easy, 2-hours or less, scarf:

Yarn: 1 skein of Hometown USA yarn by Lion Brand Yarns

Hook: 15 mm Tunisian

Additional materials: scissors and a yarn needle. Optional: button and a stitch counter. 

Sizing: 5 x 35 inches (12.7 x 89 cm)
CH – Chain 
SC – Single Crochet
ST – Slip Stitch
RP – Return Pass                                                              
KS –  Knit Stitch                 

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Yarn: You can use any Bulky (6) yarn to create this scarf. If Hometown USA yarn is not available where you live, you can use the following specs to find a similar yarn:

100% Acrylic,

81 yd / 74 m

5 oz/ 42 g. 


CH. 9 

Row 1: SC into the second chain from your hook , then SC into each of the remaining stitches of the chain 

Foundation round: CH 1, turn your work around.  

Insert your hook into the first stitch of the row , yarn over, and pull up a loop. Leave this loop on your hook (you should  have two loops on your hook). Insert your hook into the next chain, yarn over and pull up a loop. Repeat until you have cast on one loop for every stitch of the row 

Complete a RP. 

Repeat this row 47 more times, so that you have a total of 48 

Knit Stitch Rows. 

This scarf can be a little shorter and still fit as a comfortable short scarf, so don’t stress it if you had to crochet a little less than 48 rows of knit stitch. 


Bind Off

Row 1: KS into the second vertical stitch of the row. 

Once you have 2 loops on your hook, ST. KS into the next vertical stitch, and ST once you have 2 loops on your hook. Repeat in every stitch of the row. 

Row 2: CH 1, turn your work around . Look for the stitches along the top side of the scarf .

Beginning on the first stitch after the CH 1, SC into every stitch of the row. 


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