For all of us beach bums, here’s the Oversized Beach Bag pattern! And yes, this is a giant bag, BUT you can make it smaller (or dare I say, larger) to suit your needs 🙂 I used Pound of Love yarn because I was aiming to make giant bag and didn’t want to attach loads of smaller skeins together, but really, you can use any yarn you want.

What you’ll need:

than the Yarn: 2 Skeins of Lion Brand Pound of Love yarn. One skein in Denim, the other in White.

1 skein of medium yarn in tan. Any average-sized skein of tan yarn will do, we are using this for the base. You can also use Jute instead of yarn, so long as it is the same thickness as your yarn.

Hook: H (5 mm) hook

Additional materials: Scissors, & needle (any needle you can fit your yarn through will work). Rope for the handles. You’ll need two pieces of rope; one for each side of the bag. Measure the rope so that you have enough to fit the bag comfortably under your arm, and so that you have enough to tie into knots at each end to secure onto bag.

This pattern makes one bag (approx. 27″x 16″, or 68 x 40 cm)

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