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How to Crochet an I-cord

In today’s tutorial, we practiced crocheting I-cords. It took me years to finally learn how to make an I-cord. This was just one of those crochet essentials that I couldn’t wrap my head around. It finally clicked, and I made I-cords for all of the garments I’d previously crocheted to …

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Paper Airplane Bag

Originally, this was intended as a cute Valentine’s Day gift bag, but my kiddo saw the finished bag and decided it was her new purse. So…here is the Paper Airplane general purpose bag! (or purse, if you wish) For those of you “enrolled” in the Tunisian Crochet Course (it’s free …

Bags & Purses Holidays

Easter Basket

This is an easy Easter basket pattern that you can easily crochet using your favorite yarn! You can also use hemp, or rope to create a thicker basket. Best of all, you can crochet this basket in any size! Materials: 1 skein Caron Big Cakes (you can make                 2-3 …