New stitch, new project! At least, that’s what I think the rule should always be.

Anyway, here are some pattern notes for those of you interested in getting the materials needed for this project:

Yarn: #2 Sport Yarn

Tunisian Hook: 5.5 mm

Regular Hook: 4.25 mm

Additional materials: yarn needle &  scissors. 

Sizing: This pattern makes 1 adult rectangular shawl that measures approx:  67 x 17  in / 170 x 43 cm

Pattern Notes     

To find the tutorial for this pattern, type this into the search bar on YouTube:

Rectangular Shawl, Mode Bespoke

Yarn: I used 8 skeins of KnitPal’s Cottonista Yarn, color: Sunset Beaches. Each skein is 50g / 136 yds, and it is 100% cotton. 

Construction: The width of the initial chain determines the width of the shawl, and each row adds to the length. A small border is added all around the shawl once the length is complete. 
Multiples: Even numbers, or multiples of 2.


Written by

Atenas Ruiz-Ramos

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