Yup, I love it. Once you get the hang of the cables, it’s a breeze to make. AND it looks awesome! I made this for a cousin, and ended up making one for myself because I loved it so much.

Who, What, Where and all things info about the yarn:
I used a #4 medium yarn for this project, about 500 yards of the stuff. For the original hat, I used 2 skeins of Caron Simply Soft Tweeds. For my hat (the lavender one), I used Red Heart Super Saver. Really, you can use your favorite medium (aran, worsted) yarn.

Hook: 4.25 mm


CH – Chain                                
DC – Double Crochet
FPDC – Front Post Double Crochet
FPTC – Front Post Triple Crochet
BPDC – Back Post Double Crochet

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Chain 80 for an Adult Small hat. Chain 90 for an Adult Large.

Once you complete the chain, close the round by crocheting a SC into the first stitch of the chain. Make sure to untwist the chain before you close the round. 

Foundation Round: CH 2, then DC into every stitch of the round. 

Do not close the round, work directly into Round 1. 

Round 1: Skip the CH 2 from the previous round. BPDC into the first DC after the chain.*FPDC. FPDC. BPDC. Cable. BPDC. Repeat from * until you complete the round. Stop when you reach the last cable of the round. 

On the last cable of the round (you should have 5 stitches left on the round), skip the first 3 stitches, and FPTC into the 4th and 5th stitches. FPTC into the CH 2 you skipped at the very beginning of the round. Then FPTC into the first 3 skipped stitches of the cable. Do not close the round, work directly into the first stitch of Round 2. 

Round 2: BPDC into the first stitch of the round. FPDC. FPDC. BPDC. FPDC into each of the three top stitches of the cable. FPDC into each of the back three stitches of the cable. Repeat until you complete the round. 

Round 3: BPDC, FPDC, FPDC, BPDC, cable. Repeat until you complete the round.  

Repeat Round 2 and 3 until you reach the desired height for your hat. 


You can choose to make the brim a different color, or you can continue working in the color on your hook for a solid-colored hat. 

Round 1: BPDC, FPDC, BPDC, FPDC. Continue alternating between BPDC, and FPDC until you complete the round. 

Round 2: You’ll be extending your posts, from the previous row, to create a ribbed look. So crochet a FPDC in each FPDC of the row, and a BPDC in every BPDC.

Repeat Row 3 until you make a brim in the width you desire. 

Once you’ve completed the brim, weave in all your loose ends and cinch the top of the hat closed. 

Cinch the Top 

To cinch the top closed: On the top (the side opposite the brim), you’ll sew in and out every few stitches all the way around the top of the hat so that when you pull the thread, the beanie will close. Pull the thread tight once you finish sewing and close the top of the hat. Sew back and forth across the closed part of the beanie to reinforce the closure stitches, and knot your yarn. 

Weave in any remaining ends and you are finished. If you chose to add a pom pom, sew your pom onto your beanie. 


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