Today’s cotton, summer bag was requested by @elainejav on Instagram! So thank you for your request, Elaine!

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Ok so let’s talk about today’s pattern for a moment. This is a fairly quick and easy project you can start and finish in a day (two if you’re a slow crocheter). You will need 4 rings but you can use rings made of wooden, plastic, recycled materials, metal, whatever you want to use. I purchased a bag of 60 with a variety of sizes from Amazon.

Yarn: Go for cotton. It makes the stitching pop, it has little stretch (which depending on what you plan to carry in the bag, can be a really good thing), and cotton just screams summer, doesn’t it? I bought a large cone of Peaches & Cream cotton yarn so I didn’t have to worry about running out of yarn. I barely made a dent in the cone, so I have enough to make a few larger bags to use as reusable gift bags.

Hooks: I used 2 different sizes: 6 and 9 mm. The 6 mm was for the bag itself, while the 9 mm was used for the shoulder straps. The larger stitching makes for a more comfortable shoulder strap that doesn’t dig into your shoulder.

To adjust the size, just add more increase rows (Row 2 of the Bag). Measure the width of the top-most row to gauge how wide the bag will be when completed. You may need to do some adjusting in the netting, but it’s quite simple and I’m just an email away of you need help.


Yarn: #4, Medium Worsted Yarn 

Hooks: 6 mm, 9 mm

Additional materials: Scissors, 4 wooden rings and yarn needle. Pins or Safety Pins, and a Stitch/row counter (optional).

Suggested wooden ring size: 1 ¼ in in diameter (3.5 cm). 

Sizing: 9 inches wide by 11 inches tall. (23 cm x 28 cm) 


CH – Chain            SC –  Single Crochet                                  

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Using your 6 mm hook, Chain 30. 

Round 1: SC three stitches into the second stitch from your hook. Place a stitch marker on the first SC to mark the stitch where the round begins. SC one stitch in every stitch of the row, until you reach the last stitch. 

In the last stitch, SC three stitches.  Turn your work around, and SC into every stitch along the bottom side of your work (so you complete a round).

Round 2: SC one into each stitch until you reach the top, center-most stitch of the round. SC one into every stitch along the side of the row until you reach the other rounded end of your work. SC three into the top, center-most stitch of the round, then SC into every stitch along the side until you complete the round. 

Repeat Round 2 two more times, so that you have completed a total of 4 rounds. 


Round 5-30: SC one into every stitch of the round. 

Round 31: CH 5, skip 3 stitches and SC into the 4th stitch from your hook. CH 5, skip three stitches, then SC into the 4th stitch from your hook. 

Repeat until you have completed the round. To close the round, SC into the center of the chain space made by the first CH of the round.

Round 32-37: CH 5, SC into the next chain space. 

Round 38: SC three into the chain space of the next stitch. SC one into the SC from the previous row. SC three into the next chain space, then SC into the SC. Repeat until you complete the round. 


Round 39-41: SC into every stitch of the round. 

Once you complete the last stitch of the 41st round, slip stitch into the next stitch, then CH one. Leave a long tail of yarn, at least 12 inches in length (30 cm).

Weave in the yarn tail at the bottom of the bag, and move onto the straps. Do not weave in the long tail of yarn. You will use this thread to sew the wooden ring onto the shoulder strap. 

Shoulder Straps

Using your 9 mm hook. Leave a long tail of yarn, at least 12 inches long (30 cm). Chain 5. 

Row 1: SC into the second chain from your hook, and into every chain of the row. 

Row 2: CH 1, turn your work around. SC into the first stitch of the row. SC into every stitch of the row. 

Repeat Row 2 until you have completed a total of 50 rows. After completing the last stitch of Row 50, CH 1 and cut a long tail of yarn, at least 12 inches long (30 cm). 

Repeat this section a second time, so that you have 2 straps for your bag. 



Thread your yarn needle using the long yarn tail from one of the shoulder straps. You will need 2 wooden rings.

Line up one of the wooden rings along the narrow end of the shoulder strap (the one you thread your needle through). Sew through the center of the wooden ring, and through the edge of the strap. Repeat along the stitches of the edge of the strap until you have securely sewn the wooden ring onto the strap. 

Knot the yarn, and weave in the remaining tail end. 

Repeat with the second wooden ring, on the other side of the shoulder strap, so that your straps look like the ones in the photo on the right. 

Repeat this section of the pattern with the second shoulder strap. 

Line up your shoulder straps along the edge of the bag, leaving at least an inch (2.5 cm) of space between the end of the bag, and the wooden ring.

Sew one shoulder strap along the front side of the bag, and the other along the back side of the bag. So both ends of the strap will be sewn onto the same side. 

You only have one long tail end of yarn attached to the bag. Once you sew on the wooden ring closest to that yarn tail, you will need to cut a thread of yarn to sew the other wooden rings onto the bag. Securely knot the ends of the yarn, and weave all tail ends in. 

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