Basket Weave Hat

Hello, friends! Today, we’ll be looking at one of two hat brim patterns. I’ll be posting several hat patterns before the holidays, so I thought I’d post these patterns and tutorials individually so that folks can access then more easily in the future. It will also save everyone some time, since I won’t have to explain how to crochet these brims in every single video.

Alternating Posts Hat

The PDF patterns will continue to include the brim I used for the original pattern, so whether it’s this brim, or the Tunisian one, there will still be written instructions included with your purchased pattern.

OK, so enough about that, let’s get started!


What yarn can you use for this brim? Any. You can use any yarn you want. I generally recommend this brim for beginner crocheters because it is easier than the majority of the brim patterns I’ve seen and used in the past. Most beginners also tend to use a medium, 4-ply yarn, which is the smallest yarn I recommend you use for this pattern.

Cables Hat

This brim works best for medium to bulkier yarns. It is stretchy, and can be quite thick, but you are left with some spacing between the stitching. When you use a medium yarn, you eliminate the spacing and are left with a thick, warm, and beautifully ribbed brim ideal for men and women’s hats.


Variation Stitch Hat in Mustard

You can use any hook you want to crochet this brim. For this pattern, I tend to use a hook that is 1 mm larger than the yarn size. For example, If I crochet with a size 4 yarn, I’ll use a 5 mm (H) hook. That’s just my preference, but you can use any hook size you like best for your project. If you are using an older, or cheaper yarn, I’d use a hook that is 1.5 mm larger than the yarn. So for a size 4 yarn (from my grandma’s stash of 1950’s stiff yarn), I’d try a 5.5mm hook, or even a 6 mm hook and see which brim was softer.


If you’re starting your hat with the brim, which is what I generally do in my pattern, crochet a chain that measures the head circumference you need for your hat. You can use the chart below as a guide.

Easy Cabled Beanie


CH – Chain

DC – Double Crochet

FPDC – Front Post Double Crochet

BPDC Back Post Double Crochet

Notes: You begin this pattern by working the circumference of your brim, then add width to the pattern by adding rows to your work.

Variation Stitch Hat in Purple

Row 1: CH 2. Turn your work around. DC into the third stitch from your hook, and in every stitch of your chain.

Row 2: CH 2. Turn your work around. FPDC in the first post (and every even-numbered post of the row). BPDC in the next post (and in every odd-numbered post of the row). Alternate working FPDC and BPDC until you reach the end of the row. 

Row 3: You’ll be extending your posts, from the previous row, to create a ribbed look. So crochet a FPDC in each FPDC of the row, and a BPDC in every BPDC.

Repeat Row 3 until you crochet the desired width for your brim.

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