Welcome back to another pattern, everyone! It feels like I haven’t posted in weeks (though it’s really only been two). Between my day job and my crochet life, it’s been a busy couple of months. I’ve got WIPs all over my home, half-written patterns on my laptop, and a list of pattern requests that is several pages long. But enough about that, you are here for a pattern, so let’s get to it!

In the tutorial for this hat, I mentioned that you can use any yarn and hook you want. I used Woolike Yarn (really, I am not sponsored, I swear), and a 6 mm hook. Because you’ll need to make a small swatch to gauge your stitch, you can test out different yarns and hook sizes and choose the fabric you like best. If you live outside the USA, and want to use a similar yarn, here are the specs:

This is a fingering (#1) weight yarn. One skein of Woolike is 678 yds / 3.5 oz, 620 m / 100 g. It is 85% acrylic, 15 % nylon. 

You will require 2 skeins, in the main color of the hat (I used Beige), 1 skein in an accent color (Olive Green), and 1 skein in a different accent color (Charcoal). You’ll have quite a bit of yarn left over, so you should be able to make more than one adult hat.

As for the hook, you will need a double-ended Tunisian hook to make this hat.

Please keep in mind that this is the free version of the pattern. For complete pattern, which includes pattern notes, stitch abbreviation descriptions, construction and resizing notes, instructions for how to cinch the top, as well as photos and tips, you can purchase the PDF pattern. To all of your that purchase the patterns, THANK YOU! Your purchases pay for the website and all of the crochet materials I use in the tutorials, as well as things like lights, tripods, and other filming equipment. You help keep Mode Bespoke going, thank you.


Age                                     Head Circumference           Hat Height (regular-fit hat)

Baby (0-6 mo)                      14-16 in   (35-41 cm)          6.5 -7 in   (16.5-18 cm)

Baby (6-12mo)                     16-17 in   (41-43 cm)          7.5 -8 in   (19-20 cm)

Toddler (up to 3 yrs)           18-20 in   (43-51 cm)          8 -8.5 in   (20-21.5 cm)

Kids                                        19-21 in   (51-53 cm)          8.5 -9 in   (21.5-23 cm)

Teens – Adult                        21-23 in   (53-58 cm)          9-10   in   (23-25.5 cm)



CH –   Chain 

ERP – Extended Return Pass                                                              

KS –   Knit Stitch                 

PS –   Purl Stitch 

Using one of the skeins in your main yarn color, crochet your initial chain, then single crochet the last stitch and the first stitch together to close the round. 

Slide your stitches towards the back of the hook, then turn your work around so that your back hook becomes the working hook.

Using the second skein of your main yarn color, make a loop onto the hook, then pull that loop through the next loop. Start the ERP, then continue crocheting an ERP until you have 3-4 loops on your hook.  

Before closing the round, lay your work on a flat surface. If your foundation round is twisted, untwist your work before continuing onto the Knit Stitch round. 

Knit Stitch Round: KS into the first vertical stitch of your foundation round, then KS each of the stitches of the round. Once you can no longer add stitches to your hook, turn your work around and complete an ERP. Continue to crochet KS and ERPs until you complete the round.


Color Stripes: For the rest of the hat, crochet rounds of KS and ERPs until you complete the Hat Height for your desired hat size. The color stripes are worked as a series of rounds that are counted as follows: 

5 rounds in Beige, 1 round in Charcoal, 3 rounds in Olive.

The brim is crocheted directly onto the project, so once you complete your final round of the hat, switch yarn colors (if you want the brim to be in a different color), and crochet into the stitch following the last stitch of the hat. 

Brim round 1: PS into the stitch following the last stitch of the Hat. PS into the next stitch. KS into each of the next 2 stitches, then repeat the PS, PS, KS, KS sequence throughout the round. Use an ERP. 

Brim round 2: Repeat the PS, PS, KS, KS sequence from the previous round. You will need to PS into the PS of the previous rounds, and KS into the KS of the previous rounds in order to achieve the “ribbed” look. 

Complete as many repetitions of Brim round 2 as you need in order to crochet your desired brim width.  Once you have reached the last round of the brim, complete a bind-off round. 


Bind off round: Remove all but 1 loop from your hook (crochet your ERP until you are left with just one loop on your hook.)

PS into the first stitch of the round. When you have two loops on your hook, yarn over and pull through both loops (single crochet). PS into the next stitch, then single crochet. KS into the following stitch, then single crochet. KS into the next stitch, then single crochet. 

Repeat the sequence (PS, SC, PS, SC, KS, SC, KS, SC) until you complete the round. You should be left with just one loop on your hook when you are through. 

Cut a long tail of yarn and remove your hook. Cut all remaining yarn colors, then weave in all of your ends.

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