This one doesn’t have a lot of notes. It’s fairly straight-forward, and I covered most of this in the tutorial, but here are the notes for those who need them:

Yarn: lightweight #3 (DK) yarn

Tunisian Hook: 5 mm

Additional materials: yarn needle &  scissors. 

Sizing: This pattern makes 1 adult triangle scarf that measures approximately 53 x 23 in / 135 x 58 cm

Pattern Notes 

To find the tutorial for this pattern, type this into the search bar on YouTube:

Spring Triangle Scarf, Mode Bespoke

Yarn: I used 2 balls of K+C Bliss yarn in Pink White. You can find the yarn specs below:

195 yds / 1.76 oz.

178 m / 50 g.

Construction: This pattern begins at the bottom tip of the scarf and is worked up to the widest part along the top. You will increase in each row to add both width and length to the scarf. 
Note: You can easily turn this scarf into a shawl by adding additional rows. Just add as many rows as you need to reach your desired shawl size.  You will require additional yarn, and amounts will vary based on the size you want to make the shawl.

Get the PDF pattern! Check out this and other shawl and scarf patterns below:

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