This pattern was requested by a YouTube subscriber as part of a series of Tunisian Crochet patterns. This project is for intermediate to advanced crocheters who are familiar with Tunisian Crochet stitches: TS and Purl. In this pattern, we will be skipping and crossing over stitches, so you will need to be comfortable with basic Tunisian stitches in order to complete the pattern.

Now let’s talk about yarn. In the tutorial, I used a medium yarn for both the brim and the hat. In the pattern, I used a bulky #5 yarn (for the purple hat in the tutorial). You can use ANY yarn you want for your hat. If you chose a different sized yarn than what is written in the pattern, you will need to adjust your hook size to match your yarn.

Here are some suggested hook size adjustments, but please feel free to try different gauges and use whichever one you like best:

  • Size #1 yarn, use 4.25 mm hook
  • Size #3 or 3.5 yarn, use a 5 mm hook
  • Size #4 yarn, use a 5 mm or 5.5 mm hook
  • Size #5 bulky yarn, use 6 mm hook.

If you’d like some yarn suggestions, head to the bottom of the post. I’ll also link the shop pages where you can find each yarn.

Here are the materials you’ll need to complete this pattern:

Yarn: 1 skein of medium yarn for the brim.

2 skeins* of a bulky yarn, size 5, in one color, for the body of the hat.  

*You only require one skein to make the hat, however, you will be using a thread of yarn on each of the two ends of the hook. It is easier to use two skeins to keep your yarn from tangling, but you can use a single skein and use both a side pull and a center pull in order to have two threads to work with. 

Hook: 6 mm Tunisian Crochet hook, double-ended. You can use this same hook for the brim, as well, but you’d only use one side. 

Additional materials: scissors, measuring tape & yarn needles that fit each yarn size. Pom Pom optional.

Notes: This pattern is worked in the round in order to achieve the “twisted” look. Crochet your brim and sew it closed (so it is ready-to-wear), then crochet the body of the hat. The body is crocheted in one size, and without decreases. You cinch the end to close the hat. 

PDF pattern includes the pattern for the Tunisian Brim.

Instant Download PDF

Skill level: Intermediate

Intermediate/Experienced Crocheter Tutorial

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