Let’s crochet some socks! OK, I admit it, I have a sock-crocheting addiction, but can you blame me??

Socks are so much fun to crochet, but the really great moment is when you get to try them on… and they FIT!! Yes, I said it, they fit! I’m talking “wear with shoes to the yarn store like a boss crochet magician” fit.

All ridiculousness aside, there are a few things you should know about this pattern before you try it.

  1. You NEED to know how to crochet Tunisian Knit and Purl stitches. This is not a beginner pattern. If you are a beginner, by all means, try it out, but know that it will be a challenge.
  2. Like most of my patterns, this is a measurement-based pattern. I do not provide stitch counts. You will need to take your own measurements (or use the ones provided by the Craft Yarn Council) to create this pattern.
  3. Take notes! Write down every row and stitch count you use so that you end up with 2 matching socks. I highly advise against using the measurement method as you will end up with one longer sock. (Yes, I know from experience). Stitch and row counts are where it is at.

Need a standard measurement chart? Check out the Yarn Council’s free sock measurement chart by clicking here (opens in a new tab). On that page, you can find sizes for babies, children, and adults in inches and centimeters.

Now, for the yarn and hook info:

You can use ANY yarn you want to use. Yup! You can use a Fingering yarn, a DK or a Worsted! You are only limited by your imagination, my friend. So try it with different yarns. Make winter socks, summer socks, middle of Fall socks! Just remember to match your hook to your yarn size!

This one is quite simple though. If you use Fingering, Sport, or DK yarn, use a 4 mm hook. For Worsted yarns, you can use either a 5mm or a 6 mm hook (depending on whether the yarn is thicker or not). For example: Red Heart Super Saver is a Worsted yarn, BUT it is actually thicker than most standard Worsted yarns. I would use a 6 mm hook for that specific yarn.

Lastly, as much as I would love to post all of my patterns for free, a gal’s gotta pay the bills and keep a roof over my family’s heads, so this one is not a free pattern. If you are looking for a free Tunisian crochet pattern, I do have 2 available on the blog. You can find the links below:

For those of you that are still not quite sure about purchasing the PDF pattern, here are a few things you’ll find in the pattern:

Photos, notes, stitch abbreviations, tips, step-by-step math with a stitch count example, and all of my gratitude for supporting my small business. I can pay for this website, and purchase all the supplies I use for my tutorials and patterns thanks to your pattern purchases, so from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU!

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