I’ve been teasing this sock pattern since September, and it is finally here!

This is an intermediate to advanced pattern for Tunisian crochet socks. You will need to be comfortable working in the round, crocheting Tunisian Knit stitches, and decreasing. Please note that this is a measurement based pattern, so there are no stitch counts provided in the pattern. As there are no specific stitch counts to follow, you are free to use any other yarn or hook size of your choice to make thick winter socks, or light summer socks.


That said, let’s talk about yarn!

In the tutorial, I used two threads of fingering yarn simultaneously. This creates a thicker yarn, which was ideal for the thicker winter socks I was looking to make. The original socks I crocheted (the yellow and grey ones I posted on Instagram), I used a single thread of fingering yarn, and created thinner, everyday wear socks.

You can really use any yarn f your choosing, so get creative! try crocheting a swatch using different sized hooks and pick your favorite fabric. Not everyone will have access to the yarn I used in the tutorial, so use what you have handy. The yarn I use in the tutorial is called Woolike yarn, and is sold at Michaels stores in the U.S., which makes purchasing this yarn anywhere else in the world, a little difficult. So just go with whatever you can find at your local yarn store.

What about the hook?

The hook in the tutorial was custom-crafted by Kenny, the owner of the Etsy shop Nifty Cliffts. Please note that if your country is not listed on the shipping options, you may still be able to order a hook, just email Kenny. He will calculate shipping for your country, and get back to you. These hooks were crafted as Tunisian crochet sock hooks, so they are shorter in length than traditional TC hooks. This will make crocheting socks much, much easier.


The PDF pattern includes the three most commonly requested sizes: kids, adult women, adult men. You can fins a complete, and free sizing chart on the Yarn Council’s page. This includes baby, child, and adult sizes. Alternatively, you can take your own measurements and use those.

The PDF pattern for these socks is available in the shop! While this is not a free pattern, there are two other sock patterns on the blog that are free. I’ll link them below. To everyone that purchases patterns, THANK YOU! Your purchases keep my tiny business going! Your purchases fund this website, as well as help purchase the yarn and other supplies needed to create these patterns. Thanks to you, I am able to keep Mode Bespoke going, so THANK YOU!

Free Sock Patterns:

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